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Voting- Week 9
Name:  Bryce Lidtka
School:  Grinnell
Achievement:  Bryce Lidtka scored four touchdowns ...
Vote Totals:  177
Name:  Cal Stovie
School:  Cedar Rapids Xavier
Achievement:  Rushed for 224 yards and ...
Vote Totals:  1
Name:  Kenny Floyd
School:  Norwalk
Achievement:  Rushed for 204 yards and ...
Vote Totals:  26
Name:  Lance Dunn
School:  Waterloo West
Achievement:  Rushed for 262 yards and ...
Vote Totals:  2
Name:  Nate Boland
School:  Iowa City West
Achievement:  Passed for 339 yards during ...
Vote Totals:  1
Name:  Xavier James
School:  Des Moines East
Achievement:  James accounted for six touchdowns ...
Vote Totals:  11
Name:  Zach Minch
School:  Davenport Central
Achievement:  Rushed for a conference record ...
Vote Totals:  1
Name:  Daniel Hupke
School:  Carlisle
Achievement:  Rushed for 236 yards and ...
Vote Totals:  495
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